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My name is Kai, and welcome to my Portfolio website. I am an aspiring Part 1 Architect, driven by the exciting challenges architects face in this rapidly changing world.

In 2023 I became a London South Bank university graduate, as well as a RIBA student award winner, and I'm very excited an the next steps in my journey.

In my portfolio you will find my work ranging from 1st Year-3rd Year, accompanied by projects taken on by self outside of the academic setting. 

As you might see from parts of my work, I am someone that enjoys creating physical models along side my digital work, believing that physical models still hold an important place in design despite living in an increasingly digital world. 

Key Projects

Container Conversion - Paris Gardens, Southwark

January - June 2023

Design Diagram_edited_edited_edited.png

This project is about repurposing old shipping containers to provide shelter to homeless people. The idea was to deconstruct shipping containers, and rebuild them using elements taken from origami. This allowed an adaptive structure that could change depending on its users needs, and constructed at low costs. 

Musician Live / Work Space - Hackney Wick, Hackney

January - June 2021


This project required us to research the needs of Hackney Wick and design and space that would allow a chosen user to live and work. I identified that arts were dying off in the area due to a lack of usable space. My design allowed musicians to have a space to practice their craft, as well as having a space space in the centre to perform.

Rock Climbing Centre - Hub 67, Hackney Wick, Hackney

November - January 2021

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This project was about redesigning an existing building. Hub 67 was intended as a place for the local community to gather, however it was not achieving its purpose. I was tasked with its redesign. The new proposal for the site was a rock climbing centre.

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