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Kai Martin
Part 1 Architect

Architecture Portfolio

Hello! My name is Kai, and welcome to my Portfolio. I am an aspiring Part 1 Architect, driven by the exciting challenges architects face in this rapidly changing world. 

In my portfolio you will find my work ranging from 1st Year-3rd Year, accompanied by projects taken on by self outside of the academic setting. 

As you might see from parts of my work, I am someone that enjoys creating physical models along side my digital work, believing that physical models still hold an important place in design despite living in an increasingly digital world. 

"As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future that is essentially unknown" - Norman Foster


Please see below range of available services


Personalised Sketches

You can request personalised sketches which can be produced by hand, or digitally depending on your preferences. 

This includes a consultation to discuss the drawing before it is produced. 

Please get in contact with me for more information and quotes. 

Oil Painting on Canvas

Printed Canvas Collage Work

You can request digital collage work which can be printed onto canvas as a display piece. This can include work that can be found through my portfolio, as well as personalised or bespoke pieces.

A consultation is included to discuss the requirements. Please get in contact for more information or quotes.  

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Laser cut, 3D printed, and physical model work

You can request personalised physical pieces of art, that can be laser cut from a range of materials, or 3D print.

These can be functional, display pieces, or for a big occasion such as a wedding cake topper! A consolation is included to discuss the design before progressing to the design and cutting. Please get in contact for more information or a quote. 

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