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LSBU - Year 3

My project is about repurposing old shipping containers to provide shelter to homeless people. The form of the structure provides accommodation for people at all stages of homelessness. Full accommodation is provided for those needing a longer stay, as well as an open space that covers the basic needs of shelter and food. This extends into getting people ‘back on their feet’ by providing private shower rooms, job centre and a cafeteria run by volunteers in the community of Paris gardens in Southwark.

The inspired origami, fragmented nature of the structure speaks to the journey homeless people go through when entering the site. Origami signifies peace and good luck, with the south of the structure linking in with the onsite church. The form starts as a more chao􀆟c form, but as you travel through it become more regular, all while connecting. This narrative is about how the chao􀆟c parts of our lives can still connect and join to become something more regular.

The structure welcomes people into its doors, with people able to grow vegetation, have their bikes fixed, or even come to join the community for a meal.

Overall, this project was about community, and a visual symbol to those around it of the journey the homeless how through, fragmented, but still connected and can become integrated again once more.

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